The Kalle Shirt Dress

When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time” My Kalle Shirt Dress from Closet Case Patterns has become affectionately known as my Saved by The Bell Dress, as you can tell this is down to the spectacularly 80’s fabric I picked up from Fabricland in Bournemouth!

The pattern itself has three different options; a Shirt, a Tunic & a Shirt Dress. All varieties are on my ‘to be sewn list’ but I thought I’d kick off with the Shirt Dress as I’d seen some gorgeous versions online! I knew I wanted it to be light, summery and bright ready to wear to our local Champagne & Seafood Festival during the recent heatwave!

I am a big fan of the Closet Case Patterns, they offer stylish modern design with lots of variations to each pattern and come with perfectly clear instructions and sew-alongs on their blog. The pattern was straight forward to sew and was made in one evening… my favorite type of projects!

During this project I finally worked out how to sew buttons on to garment using my machine… hand sewing is my most hated task (maybe one day I will find it therapeutic & relaxing like so many of you!). I use the Janome DC6030 (from John Lewis, in all other stores it is the DKS30 model), no extra foot was required, you just need to lower the feed teeth and use the machine part that you attach a foot to, to hold down the button! Simple!

Once I completed the dress and tried it on, I have to say it was a bit oversized and my husband suggested taking it in as it drowned me. I of course did not want to do this an hour before leaving the house, but he was right (sssh don’t tell him I said that) and it needed to be taken in a good two inches either side. I will be sure to adjust the pattern before my next Kalle!

Here it is in all it’s glory at the Seafood Festival, perfect for a day of eating!

Got to go, I’m late to meet Zack & Kelly at The Max…

Happy Sewing!

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